About NOLA Web Host 

NOLA Web Host , owned and managed by M. Landry has been at this for over 10 years. I have Never had anyone handle any part of the business or technical apects of the Online Services I provide.

    NOLA Web Host , has Never had any type of Server Failure or security breach of any type, and never shut server down except for occasional reboot. I have a self imposed limit on how many websites I Design and Host, so don't hesitate to call me.

 Fully Managed Website and Hosting  

      I only provide Fully Managed website Design, I only design websites that I host, and only host websites I design. I no longer provide any other hosting other than this Fully Managed Hosting package.

   FULLY MANAGED means; I manage all functions of Website and Server, Software, Updates, Backups, Upgrades, and Security. Only Domain owner will have admin privileges, and only on the Website.

   Client Requirements;

  1) - Client must provide Domain Name ( i.e. "yourname.com" ), I can help you get your Domain Name registered in Your name so You alone own all the rights to your domain name.     NOTE: DO NOT fall for the website offers you might see where you Register your Domain, You will Not receive the custom care you will receive from me.

  2) -  Clear description of what type of content you want on your website and what objectives do you want to achieve through your website. The clearer the details you give to me, the better I can build your website to fit all your needs.

About Topgunmike Services

    As with all companies, at Topgunmike Services Online there are some things we do the same as our competitors and there are some things we do that are quite different from our competitors.
     We try and imitate whenever we feel imitation is deserved, and we deviate whenever we feel deviation is a must. Most hosts offer a wide range of features bundled with various service plans, and we are of course no exception.


    T.S.O. Web Hosting packages start as little as $12.00 USD Monthly and range to Full Service. Most hosts offer a web-based control panel to manage your account and its features, we have a Full Service Online Client Service Center.
     From there you can control all aspects of your account(s), including any billing-related and customer support concerns you may have. But wait. There is more...

    Where you first start to notice the difference between T.S.O. and all other webhosts is the community feel of our Client Area. Besides the standard links for things like Helpdesk, F.A.Q.s, Online Support Ticket System, Billing, Invoices, Packages, Addons, donations, we always answer the Phone LIVE, 24/7, at Topgunmike Services Online, we do provide forum for Client Pier to Pier, FeedBack, and Suggestions. All of these are a natural outcropping of our desire to stay in touch with our clients and to foster a free flow of ideas between them and us. What better way to learn how to keep our customers happy than to ask them, and then to act on what they say?

    Another refreshing difference is how relaxed and customer-oriented our billing practices are. There is an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee on all accounts, including any setup fees, and we have no hidden costs and no minimum monthly contracts on any of our plans! We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, personal check or money order, and PayPal Payments. We can provide an online PDF invoice if required by your Accounts Payable department. The differences keep coming!

        T.S.O.'s choice to not provide Microsoft operating systems for any of our hosting products is one that is a common subject of inquiry. We feel strongly that the best products available for the job of serving Internet content are those based on UNIX TM, and that the efforts of the open source community specifically (Linux, Apache, MySQL and so on) are best of breed. To use any Windows or related products would be to us a vote of no confidence against the very technology that made it possible for us to compete in this industry in the first place! It turns out that once our customers give open source alternatives a chance they are overjoyed with the performance and feature set available to them. Of course, some will decide to go with someone else, and we respect their decision. Our only request is that if in the future the need ever does arise for a Unix-based solution they'll give us another shot!

    But of course, the biggest difference, the one that keeps people singing our praises and referring their friends, is our customer service. Every message is responded to with a friendly, helpful, and completely honest answer. Sometimes a server does go down, and we let our customers know when it happens. We'll also let them know if they're spending more money than they need, or what sort of software we personally use for whatever they're trying to implement. We constantly try to treat everyone as a friend in need (indeed!).

    Maybe you're wondering just how stable we are? We've been a privately held company and since 2003, we first started hosting our customers in 2006, so that should give you some indication that we're serious about what we do!
    We're currently connected to the Internet via redundant gigabit connections with multiple carriers to ensure continued network connectivity in case any carrier goes down.
    Each connection is carried across a diversified fiber network and connects to different entrances to the Internet's backbone. This allows for total network redundancy. We also keep our bandwidth ~unsaturated~. We carry enough network capacity to double our load if we need to.
    We've been doing this hosting thing since 2006, and in that time we've learned what it takes to provide rock-solid service and connectivity.